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AlSawan is one of the leading diversified & innovative companies in Kuwait with operations in several Arab &
European countries. With over 400 employees, our company comprises of many specialized divisions striving to create solutions for clients in
the fields of logistics, travel & tourism, parking & security, shipping, & courier services. AlSawan is operational in Kuwait & other countries.


Countries, we operate in

Below is a list of the other countries that we operate in and the type of operations that we have:

  • Syria: AlSawan office acting as a General Sales Agent [GSA] for airlines.
  • Lebanon: AlSawan sister company acting as GSA for airlines.
  • Qatar: AlSawan office with logistics operations [Air, Sea and Land].
  • UAE: AlSawan office with logistics and courier and operations.
  • Egypt: AlSawan office with logistics and courier and operations.
  • Slovakia: AlSawan office for Spa representation and courier.
  • Czech Republic: AlSawan office for Spa representation.

Our corporate History

Since its creation in the 50s, AlSawan has made every effort not only to become a leader in the sectors that it covers, but also in becoming a pioneer in exceeding the expectations of its clients. After careful planning and dedicated efforts over a period of half a century, our company today offers unique and innovative solutions unmatched by any competitor.

Our Philosophy & Vision

AlSawan makes every effort to become a one-stop solution in every sector we operate in for any client whether corporate or retail, private or public. We make sure to provide our clients with the most innovative services whether basic or complementary to the sectors we operate in.

Travel & Tourism

This department is very comprehensive as it incorporates all related travel and tourism basic complementary services. This department covers:

  • Online & Offline Ticketing
  • Vacation Packages
  • Accommodation
  • Car rentals
  • Bookings for Cruises, Car Rentals and Hotels
  • Regional Sales Agents for Major Airlines
  • Agents for Spas and Recreation Centers in Europe
  • Corporate & VIP Travel Services
  • Travel Insurance
  • AlSawan Concierge

Cargo & Logistics
This department is a one-stop solution when it comes to Logistics as it provides complete logistics solutions for any component in the supply chain. Those services include:

  • Trucking
  • In-house Customs Brokerage
  • Packing & Creating
  • Storage Pick and Pack
  • Domestic and Foreign
  • Long-Term Storage
  • Air & Sea Freight Door to Door & LCL FCL
  • Land freight Network G.C.C. & ME
  • Consolidating & Bulk Breaking


AlSawan shipping division is one of the most active and biggest shipping agents in the state of Kuwait. This division offers first class and consistent uninterrupted and regular shipping services to its clients. We ship merchandize to any route worldwide and that’s why we acquired many shipping agencies and represent many others across the globe.

Security & Parking

This is a specialized business, offering clients with reliable parking and security solutions. They are relevant to public sector and private sector whether it’s residential or commercial. Currently, we have many clients in Kuwait relying on us to fulfill their security and parking needs.

AlSawan offers courier services using the largest independently owned courier network in the world. This network is known as SkyNet Worldwide Express. SkyNet Worldwide Express provides fast and reliable desk-to-desk service. Currently, SkyNet network consists of more than 1200 offices servicing 178 countries. Regional hubs in Brussels, Dubai, London Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Singapore, and Sydney. All this to ensure providing the highest quality performance standards and control.

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