Al Sawan


As part of our diversification strategy, we sought to develop a wide-range of specialized Logistics Division
in 1975 to promote exchange of trade between Kuwait and the rest of the globe.

Logistics solutions

Since that date, we have been expanding this division to offer comprehensive logistics solutions for our client’s logistics needs.

The purpose of this department is to have a positive impact to the supply chain of our clients. Our priority is to provide complete cost effective and efficient transportation and logistics solutions customized to clients requirements.

brief outline

solutions we offer

Below is a brief outline of the solutions we offer through this division

Our fleets has the following features

- Panel trucks, vans and open lorries.
- Full insurance on all vehicles.
- Direct communications with vehicles at anytime.

Our fleets consist of the following vehicles

- Half Lorry (Open and Closed).
- Trailer Trucks (40 ft and 20 ft).
- Forklift (3-12 Tons).
- Pick Up Truck.

In-house Customs Brokerage

Our in-house custom brokerage department covers all the Kuwait borders with neighboring countries very efficiently and effectively. Our staff has the proper expertise to ensure a smooth and rapid clearance of clients’ goods. This department is capable of handling all custom clearance of goods arriving or departing from Kuwait to Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. The department covers all customs entry and exit points [Land, air, and sea].
This department enables our clients to always depend on us to ensure the fastest possible clearance of their air sea and land shipments whenever they arrive between Kuwait and its neighbors. The same service is also available through AlSawan branches in other countries like Qatar, UAE and Egypt.

Packing & Creating

Our Packing & Creating department is ready to handle various types of goods ad merchandize like:
- Personal effect
- Household
- Industrial
- Oil field equipments
Moreover, the department specializes in packing and creating of other types of heavy goods like:
- Pianos
- Heavy vehicles
- Boats
- Motorbikes
Our experienced staff uses the proper packing material to ensure the safe moving of your goods.

Storage Pick and Pack, Domestic and Foreign

Our state of the art warehouse storage facilities are ready to handle all the customized storage requirements in and out of Kuwait. They are also equipped with state of the art warehouse management software and tracking systems.

Long-Term Storage

Our warehouse facilities have sufficient storage space to accommodate the merchandize and goods of our clients for long durations. Those warehouse facilities are available in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Iraq.

Our freight network can handle it all! Whether its air, sea, land or even ocean freight, our company ensures the arrival of clients’ goods and merchandize right on time using the best economical way. Our customized services include:

  • Express and Consol import air cargo services using our global network of partners.
  • Export air cargo services to worldwide destinations for commercial goods and personal effects.
  • Sea freight import and export consolidations, FCL and LCL services
  • Specialized Freight Contracts for volume importers.
  • On –site handling for Exhibitions and fairs.
  • Full Customs Clearance Services at all entry points.
  • Municipality Health Clearance for good imports.
  • Perishable and DGR goods handling expertise.
  • Air and Ocean Chartering and Brokerage.

Our company combines routes and means to match clients’ logistics requirements. Therefore, we have built a large network of Overland Transport hubs in the Middle East to enable our clients to move their goods and merchandize in an efficient and cost effective manner from one place to another. Our customized services include:

  • A complete range of trucks to serve different needs and requirements.
  • A Dedicated and skilled personnel with experience at the main border points. They maintain the highest standards of service and customer care.
  • A complete bonded transportation capabilities available in multiple locations [Kuwait Dubai and Egypt].

To complete our wide range of services, our company offers import and export bulk breaking services for our clients. Finally, we believe that our comprehensive supply chain solutions enable our clients to focus on their core business while we take care of the rest!

Our fleet is dedicated to serve smart businesses that don’t wish to tie up their resources in trucks, lorries and other vehicles not to talk about the associated expenses that clients will incur if they don’t outsource the trucking services. Those expenses include maintenance, insurance, parking, telecom, etc.
Our trucking solutions accommodate local and regional transportation as well as distribution requirements at very reasonable rates. So our fleets not only accommodate our facilities in Kuwait, but also other neighboring countries like Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.