Al sawan

Parking & Security

With its continuous bid to diversify and innovate, AlSawan created this division to serve clients with specialized parking and security needs,
whether it’s a multi story parking facility or a multiple residential configuration.

This specialized division gained the trust of its clients because of the high quality equipments and distinguished after sale service. Currently, many clients in Kuwait rely on our parking and security equipments.
Our solutions are relevant to the following clients:

  • Public Sector including airports, universities, schools, ministries, police stations, hospitals, and other governmental facilities.
  • Private Sector including residential clients like villas, compounds or commercial clients like private parking facilities, warehouses and companies with any size [Financial Institutions, Retailers and wholesalers, quick service restaurants, gas stations, car washes, dry cleaners, and any running business].

  • Our solutions are very reliable. We understand the security concerns of our clients. That’s why we only import proven technology. Therefore, clients can reach the peace of mind when using our solutions.
  • Our solutions are complemented by Standard or customized maintenance agreements as well as high quality after-sale-service with rapid response when needed.
  • Our solutions are original and warranted. We only import from the original source and our vendors are very reliable and credible. Therefore, we guarantee that our products are free from any defect or bug.
  • Our products are installed by professional and trained staff with long years of experience.
  • Our products offer time and money-saving benefits as they give clients the flexibility to access control systems seamlessly and cost-effectively. This enables clients to streamline many back-end operations in Human Resource Department and Security Department.

1. Gate Barrier (4 – 6 meters)
2. Ticket Dispenser This product comes with different features including:

  • Non-Magnetic stripe
  • Magnetic Stripe

3. Card Readers: This product comes with different features including:
  • Proximity ranging from 8 cm to one meter.
  • Touch Plate
  • Swipe
  • Insert

4. Auto gate access control (Remotes & Receivers). 5. Access control system This product comes with different features including:
  • Time Attendance [In & Out reports; Pay Rolls Reports; Leaves Reports]
  • Security Access System.
  • Finger Print.
  • Access Cards.

6. Parking Tickets We have different models for ticketing splitters for parking facilities such as:
  • Amano
  • Federal APD
  • Designa
  • Magnetic Auto Control
  • Schied & Bachmann

7. Security Equipments We offer a range of solutions for all perimeter security needs. Those include:
  • Metal Detector
  • Reflective Mirrors
  • Rising Barriers – Road Blockers
  • Tire Killers – Forced Directional

8. Security Rubbers
9. Doors Clients can choose either:
  • Sliding Doors
  • Automatic Doors

10. Parking meters On street parking - Duncan meters 11. Cars Automobalizers We have different models such as:
  • Rhino Boot
  • Palma Boot
  • Universal Boot

12. Flashers and Bicons Those equipments are to be used by police cars.
13. Turnstiles For pedestrians

We invite companies and individuals to visit us and check our relevant offerings. They can rest assured that we are committed to providing them with the up-to-date and reliable solutions in the fields of parking and security.