Al Sawan


AlSawan Shipping Division is one of the most active and biggest shipping agents in the state of Kuwait.
We earned this position on the basis of providing a first class and most importantly consistent service to its clients despite
the current challenges and complexities that face the shipping industry in the Gulf as well as the rest of the world.

Winners in shipping

The objective of this division is to help manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers manage a major part of the supply chains, which is shipping. Winners in the shipping industry must possess certain ingredients in resources and business approach. Having said that, we always strive to acquire those ingredients. Below are some brief points that differentiates our shipping business from other players: First, we recruit the most highly experienced and qualified management and staff in our shipping division . Our shipping team maintains undisputable commitment to serve clients with the highest quality in service and dedication to problem solving. Second, we utilize the latest shipping know-how and technology to meet the requirements of all clients.

Third, we ensure uninterrupted and regular shipping services. Therefore, our strategy has revolved around acquiring many agencies across the globe. This has enabled us to ship merchandize to any route worldwide. Those agencies are:

  • Companhia Lloyd Brazilieno - Brazil
  • Czech Ocean Shipping Company – Praha
  • Turkish Cargo Lines –DB Cargo - Istanbul
  • Comanav – Casablanca
  • Cotunav – Tunis
  • Bonyad Shipping – Tehran
Apart from the above, we also represent the following private shipping companies:
  • Seas Ark S.A. – Tehran
  • Companhia Paulista – Rio
  • Clipper Shipping Lines – Houston
  • Clipper Elite Carriers – Denmark
  • Bonvoyage – Bucharest
  • LM Marine Services – Bucharest
  • Martrade Shipping – Dusseldorf
  • United Asia Shipping Line (NVOCC)
Fourth, we act as agents for almost all private Turkish ship owners. Over the last decade, we have managed to gain their confidence and trust. This is attributed to our consistent and continuous efficiency, premium services, sincerity and hard work.

In December 1991, we discharged the first steel shipment in Kuwait . Since that date, we owned the exclusivity rights to handle all discharged shipments belonging to Turkish vessels including steel rebars, debars, profiles and timber.

Fifth, our solid relations and contacts with Kuwait ports authorities as well as other relevant parties in the public sector have enabled us to accomplish matters related to shipping in the most efficient and effective manner.