Al Sawan

Medical & Recreation Services

German Hospitals

Apart from the spas, we deal with German hospitals that undergo all kinds of surgeries for our clients in Kuwait and the gulf countries. This service is offered through our Medical & Recreation Services. This department is very credible as we have been dealing with Kuwait Health Ministry since 1982. Those hospitals are located in the areas Mannheim, Heidlberg, Baden Baden, Lake Constance.
For any of the above services, clients are expected to furnish their up-to-date medical reports to us prior traveling. This will help us coordinate with the medical or recreation centers in order to get pre-consultation from experts, ensure the suitable advance preparation of facilities and staff and accordingly receive the finest treatment upon arrival.

Recreation Centers & Spas

Feeling the urge for rest and relaxation? Ready for therapeutic massage? Sounds like you're ready for a spa resort!
Pamper your self now using our unique alliance with world's finest spa resorts. We give you the opportunity to return home refreshed and revitalized.
We offer a unique service for our clients with medical therapeutic needs. We serve them by arranging trips and accommodations with the world's best spa
resorts and recreation centers using our network inside and outside Kuwait .

The spas that we represent specialize in treating health cases that require physiotherapy, healing, rehabilitation, relaxation, alternative therapies, fitness activities and others.
We have offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia representing many spas in both countries. Our clients will be accommodated and treated under the same roof. Those s uperb spas are equipped to handle c ases such as the ones listed below:

  • Left & Right Heiplegia
  • Left & Right Hemiparesis
  • Rheumatic Pains
  • Slip Disc Arthritis Sports Injuries
  • Slimming And Diseas Of The Digistive System
  • Joints Pains and Cerebral Palsy
  • Parkinson and Relaxation

It is worth mentioning that the spas we represent offer unrivalled range of facilities, outstanding level of service and highly qualified expert. All this provides an oasis of treatment in a clean, healthy and natural atmosphere where body and mind is rejuvenated. Those spas are located in the cities Piesatny, Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Jachymov, Teplice, Darkov.
Our staff is equipped to handle bookings and other travel services to the medical and recreation spas before and during clients' therapy. Our Arabic-speaking staff is dedicated to meet, assist, and translate to our clients while traveling to spa destination.